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Recreating timeless Konkani songs for the big screen

Twenty timeless Konkani songs from the 60s and 70s are being brought alive on the big screen by way of the film ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’. The Konkani musical feature film, produced by Goa Folklore Productions, premiere at Ravindra Bhavan today. Directed by Bardroy Barretto, the film is a tribute to Goan music and musicians, who rose from obscurity to legendary status. In a chat with NT BUZZ Bardroy shares the reason behind making this film

By Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ premieres today at Ravindra Bhavan. This Konkani musical feature film celebrates Goan music through the eyes of legendary Goan musicians from the 60s and 70s, and sees 20 songs featured through a 2 hour 45 minute fiction film.  For those who have only heard timeless Goan Konkani music, this will present a wonderful chance to see songs of the likes of Manuel Alphonso, Frank Fernand, Chris Perry and others come alive through uses of pictures and colour.

The idea of this film was conceived by Bardroy Barretto ten years ago, who wanted to pay a unique tribute to Goan music and, more importantly, musicians, who gave not just Goa, but even Bollywood, melodious songs and compositions. “Goan musicians from the 60s and 70s did not get their due. They contributed a lot to Bollywood and were the main people behind its music”, says Barretto.

Though the film has taken three long years in execution, the director is confident that the movie will connect with all age groups, and has plans of showing the movie through the length and breadth of Goa. “We plan to take the community driven route and have regulated shows in various places in the state. Besides, we plan to have a full fledged release after six months”, says Barretto.

The film produced by Folklore Productions has 96 producers. Shot over a span of 42 days it has Vijay Maurya and Palomi Ghosh playing the lead roles. Since the film would lack the Goa flavour if it did not feature a Goan cast, over 300 Goans were roped in for the movie, which also include professionals like Prince Jacob, Meenacshi Martins and John D’Silva

Bardroy, originally from Canacona, made Mumbai his base after he started out as assistant cameraman. He later worked as an editor. Today, he is ad film director. And like many other Goans Bardroy wanted to do something worthy enough to display the richness of Goan tradition. This led to the idea of creating a moving saga of Goa’s epic love affair with her music that stands proudly against the limited notion of the land being only about fun, football and feni, he says.


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