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Ragan Kazar, Mogan Divorce

Ragan Kazar, Mogan Divorce

‘Ragan Kazar, Mogan Divorce’ is a tiatr from Edeva Creations. Written by Jack de Vasco and directed by Fr Brian Pinto, this tiatr recounts a tale of false egos that at times mar the success of a marriage.

Kenneth and Melissa are in love. Both are children of rich parents. She is the daughter of Fonseca, he is an adopted son of Mendonca. That is the problem! Mendonca believes in his adopted son more than his own son, Kane. His wife Elvira begs to differ. She loves her son who is selfish and a loafer. In between these families loiters Pandhari, a no good businessman. Fonseca tortures his daughter for wanting to wed Kenneth, keeps her tied to a chair and refuses her food and drink. Samson, her brother saves her and soon decides to help his sister marry her lover. Everyone is angry and the wedding is going to take place. But then one has to see what happens later…

Some good dialogues and acting are seen in the play. Venecia is Melissa. A fine act from this young actor, who emotes well. Martha plays the mother while Alifa is Susanne, the sister. Raul acts well as the adopted son and so does Elfio as Kane. Christo is Mendonca. Enacts the role of a strong father in style.  Bento plays the egoist Fonseca and John lives the role, as Pandhari. The comic acts are performed by Kenny and Rosario, once again as a bent old woman. Dorris lends support and the two youngsters, Adeva and Lucia add to the humour. Celestino as Pompidou adds his bit in the comedy and is also the assistant director of the play.

Piety leads the band. Martha-Felcy-Valency renders an impressive opening song. There are other songs from Reginaldo, Martha, Venecia, Alifa and others. Solos by Rons and Valency stand out. The pick is a solo by a youngster named Nerico, who has the confidence and style.

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