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Quick guide to beauty tools

Roanna Silveira

Are you interested in makeup but do brushes scare you? Do the numerous brushes confuse you and would you rather use your fingers instead of figuring out what each one is used for? Here’s an easy list of the basic makeup tools you’ll need!

Flat foundation brush: Use this to apply cream or liquid foundations. Apply the foundation to the centre of the face and sweep outwards to your hairline for a seamless finish. Apply with downwards strokes so as to avoid lifting miniscule hair on the face and making them obvious.

Beauty blender: Dampen with water or setting spray and use to dab foundation into place for even coverage. You can do this step after applying with a flat foundation brush so as to remove any brush lines. The sponge will remove some of the foundation leaving you with a sheer finish.

Kabuki brush: Use this to sweep bronzer or contour powder, a few shades darker than your skin tone, along your temple, hairline and under the cheekbone and jaw line. Move the brush in rounded motions to create more angles and depth to the face.

Powder brush: Pick up some powder with this large fluffy brush and pat the brush to dust off the excess. Swish the bristles across your face to evenly diffuse loose powder so as not to smudge your foundation. Powder will help set the foundation to keep it on for longer and helps control oil production. It also adds a bit more coverage, so go easy on the powder to avoid a cakey finish.

Blush brush: Dip the bristles of this fluffy brush into your powder blush, dust off any excess product and swirl it on the apples of your cheeks, then glide it up and along your cheekbones to diffuse the product upwards.

Concealer brush: Use this small flat brush to pat concealer onto dark circles and blemishes. The rounded edge of the brush is great to reach nooks around your eyes and nose. Blend any harsh edges with your fingers.

All-over eye shadow brush: This brush is used to smooth eye shadow over and across the eye lid. Dampen the brush with water or setting spray before picking up eye shadow for more intense colour and to give shimmer shadows a metallic finish.

Blending brush: The further from the bristle end one holds this brush, the better blending results will one get. Swirl the bristles in circular motions in the crease of the eye for a soft, blended eye shadow look. Pick up a neutral colour for a transition shade to help even out any harsh edges of your eye shadow.

Smudger brush: Line your lash line with kohl liner and then lightly sweep the brush over the liner with a little eye shadow for a smoky sultry look. You can use the same colour eye shadow as the kohl liner or a brighter colour for a pop of colour.

Angled eyeliner brush: Dip this brush in cream or gel eye liner, or eye shadow and wipe or dust off any excess. Hold the brush at an angle so that the bristles are parallel to your lash line and drag it in small motions from the middle of your eye till the end. Then fill in the line from the inner corner of your eyes to the middle. Wing the line upwards at the end for an elongated cat-eyed look.

Lash/brow comb or brush: The comb side can be used to comb through clumpy lashes to remove excess mascara. Use the brush side to brush through unruly brows and diffuse harshly filled in brow-lines.

Fan brush: This brush is used to brush fallen eye shadow from under the eyes or you can use this to apply highlighter precisely on your cheekbones and other high points of the face.

Fingers: Yes, your fingers can be used to apply many products! Apply moisturiser, primer, even cream and liquid foundations with your fingers in large circular motions. Sweep on cream eye shadow and then blend the edges with a clean finger or a brush. Dab on cream blusher and blend it in with fingers. Fingers can be a very versatile tool and you can get a good even application with them if done properly.

While makeup artists use many other brushes, these are the basic brushes any one needs to get a nice even makeup application. Don’t forget to wash your brushes weekly to avoid breakouts from dirty makeup brushes.

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