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Goan musician Mukesh Ghatwal recently sung and composed an anthem for the Goa State Boxing Championship 2020. NT BUZZ details


As a passionate Goan, musician Mukesh Ghatwal always wants to take Goan music to international level. Thus, in all his compositions he tries to put at least one or two Goan instruments. His recent anthem for the Goa State Boxing Championship 2020 (held from March 4 to 7, 2020), sung and composed by him, ‘Koriya Boxing’, is a small effort from his side to boost the game, ie the energy, emotions, and fun.

“The video speaks about boxing coming back into Goans’ lives. The cast members are the real heroes of Goa boxing – the players, the coaches, and the people who encourage and support boxing.”

Ghatwal is no stranger to the world of music, having worked on all kinds of genres; from Indian to western to folk and fusion. He has composed and arranged music at state, national and international level. These include the official anthem for Lusofonia Games 2013, Republic Day parades in Delhi in the year 2013, 2016, 2018 and 2020, the official theme song for the Goa Carnival-2013 and 2019, and festival anthems like Shigmo, Ganesh, and Christmas.

His music, he says is always experimental and he likes giving his tunes a different taste. “Every anthem is composed differently depending on the game,” he says, adding that he always keeps in mind the mood, aggression, the flexibility, speed, etc.

And while creating his songs, Ghatwal says that he works with the feel and flow. “I do not plan what I will compose, what instruments I will use, etc. It just comes with the flow,” he says.

Also Ghatwal avoid any sorts of music influences. “If I get influenced then I will not be myself,” he says. “I like to be original and try to compose in my style.”

Currently he is working on a movie and two jingles. “I am also working on a beautiful composition and video relating to Goa which will be releasing in May,”

he adds.

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