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PUBG Mobile zombie mode: New features you may have missed in ‘Survive Till Dawn’

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 brings the long awaited Resident Evil 2 collaboration with zombies. Zombie: Survive Till Dawn is a new event mode on Erangel map but for a limited time. This brings zombies and bosses from Resident Evil 2 on Erangel map which players have to fight against to get resources and items.

5 ways to ‘Survive’ Till Dawn, and details of new features the zombie mode brings on PUBG Mobile below:

Survive Till Dawn: Weapons

Zombie Grenade- Zombie grenade comes with a special feature. It won’t immediately kill your enemies, but the grenade will give birth to more zombies.

Zombie Vaccine- Erangle is spawning with zombies and they come in groups. To better prepare against zombies, it is advised to stock up on zombie vaccine so you can heal quicker.

M134 Minigun- This gun is considered one of the classiest weapons to kill zombies. The M134 can fire 200 rounds in one go with each round accounting to roughly 46 damage. This weapon however has some limitations as it can slow down the movement speed of players, and cannot be used in vehicles or with scopes.

Flamethrower- As the name suggests, the flamethrower will burn zombies to ashes. It can cause 45 damage per second to players and around 200 damage to zombies. The flamethrower however prevents users from going prone while using it.

Compact knife- If you have a single zombie chasing you, this compact knife will come handy. The compact knife is available almost everywhere on the map.

Survive Till Dawn: Outfits

PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 gives players the Leon Scott Kennedy skin set. The outfit gives users Leon’s costume hair and face from Resident Evil. PUBG Mobile players can also dawn the Ada Wong costume available in premium crates. There’s Claire’s skin set too which gives users her face, hair and costume. Clair skin set can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Survive Till Dawn: Characters

In Survive Till Dawn, there are three characters to look out for from Resident Evil. Tyrant appears during air-drops and defeating him will give players zombie fighting weapons. G (Stage 1) usually hides out in police station and requires lots of ammunition to kill him. The M134 is recommended to shoot this character.


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