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Provide Pavement for Porvorim Road

There is a service road being built from the O’Coqueiro circle and until the Sai circle ostensibly to serve as the connect road for South Goa traffic once the third Mandovi bridge takes off from near Pundalik Nagar. This will reduce a part of the traffic on the main NH17 on this stretch. The Mandovi bridge is 30 months away as we have been told by the Chief Minister but this service road is being made with raised pavements on both sides and fitted with coloured pavers from now. This paving work has already started from the Sai circle end and has reached the back of the Porvorim police station. The service road is not in operation and has no traffic on it, not even pedestrians! Then why are the pavements being decked up? In the meanwhile, the stretch of road from the small park just before the Teen Building bus-stop and until Jeevottam Math was to be given a pavement some two years ago when the road-widening work on this stretch was taken up. At that time the road was widened on the left side which would have affected some 36-odd trees and some of us therefore had suggested that the road widening could be done on the right side of the road which would affect practically no trees on this tree-lined avenue and with the added proviso that for the safety of pedestrians on this stretch, a raised pavement be provided on the left side of the road. The total length of the pavement would have been just 600 metres, but this work has been hanging fire and the authorities are making pavements for non-existent pedestrians on the new service road. The authorities accepted our suggestion for widening the road on the right hand side but conveniently forgot about the promised pavement to be made on this stretch. Will the authorities look into this and ensure that past commitments are maintained before new work is taken up?

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