Friday , 15 June 2018
Propagation of Konkani in villages

Propagation of Konkani in villages


For many years, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) has been working tirelessly for the development of the language in Roman script. During the past two months various programmes on how to use Konknni language better, were organised on Sundays and weekdays in different villages in Goa.

Till date this programme has taken place in 15 villages and it has been decided to take it to another 15 to 20 villages in the next 4-5 months. The respective parish priests have helped immensely to organise the activities in their villages / parishes.

The first session of the two hours programme is led by secretary DKA, Vincy Quadros who guides the participants about how to read and write Konkani. Using the book ‘Romi Lipint Konknni Borovpiank ani Vachpiank Sangati’ (A companion for the writers and readers of Konkani) published by DKA, Vincy clarifies various facts and throws light on various misunderstanding faced in writing and reading the Konkani language.

He then explains the nasal sound and the usage of double letters d, l, n, and t especially the way they are written and read and explains the meanings of each word with examples. Then some of the participants are requested to read the pre-arranged paragraphs and if needed, he advises the correct pronunciations of the words which have created slipups.

In the second session, the president of the DKA, Tomazinho Cardozo explains in detail the contents of the audio CD, published by DKA under his leadership ‘Amche Dobaje Amchim Gitam’, (Our Occasions, Our Songs). He together with Irene Cardozo then sings five of the songs with the audience. With a strong message he tells the people how our language would remain for future generation if we continue singing these songs on our day to day occasions. It is heartening to note that people present take immense joy in singing the songs created for different occasions.

The songs in this audio CD are sung by well-known Konkani actors and singers. Tomazinho also explains the booklet published under his guidance by DKA ‘Amche Dobaje Amchim Amontronnam’ (Our Occasions, Our Invitations) to be used at different events of life. This programme coordinated by treasurer of DKA, Celso Fernandes is a proof of DKA’s excellent work, is the opinion of several Konkani lovers.


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