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Promoting eco-fashion

Chennai-based social enterprise Tula will introduce its conscious clothing line to Goa in a five-day exhibition that celebrates the artisanal Indian tradition of hand spinning, hand weaving, and natural dyeing of cotton.

“Tula is an endeavour to make fellow citizens rethink their clothing choices. Just like the shift to organic food consumption, a shift to organic clothing of the kind that Tula represents, will mean not just greater comfort and better clothing on your body – it is also about supporting many rural livelihoods. It is about revival of traditional skills. It is about a different paradigm of sustainable living. Tula also focuses on reviving heirloom cotton seeds, to pull farmers out of the agrarian distress engulfing them,” said founder of Tula and safe food activist, Ananthoo.

“Tula is a not-for-profit clothing line that was set up in 2014. The customer can be sure that in this garment line, the largest proportion of revenue goes into supporting organic farmers, spinners, weavers, natural dyers and tailors,” he added.

Organic desi cotton is sourced from farmers in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and then spun and woven into fabric in the same three states. Tula’s main mode of marketing is through exhibitions, with founder members presenting talks to motivate others to replicate this model.

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