Monday , 22 April 2019

Power wastage continues unabated in government offices in South Goa




Even though Joint  Electricity  Regulation Commission (JERC) has  asked the  state electricity department to take all measures to control the wastage of the electricity in the government offices,  such  a wastage is continued to be witnessed in the many government offices in South Goa district.

Power wastage could be seen at the offices of PWD, transport department, besides the offices at  the South Goa Collectorate, municipal building, and old collectorate building, and the blame is often laid on peons or  ‘concerned’ employees.

It is noticed that office fans, tube-lights, computers, etc are kept on even during the non-working hours.

Well the wastage of power in government offices has continued, the electricity wastage on account of the streetlights remaining lit in urban and rural areas cannot be discounted – the streetlights in the areas of  Raia,  Fatorda, Cuncolim, Chinchinim and several rural areas of  Salcete are often seen lit well past  the morning hours and even throughout the day.

A source revealed the recently installed LED streetlights also remain lit during the daytime due to the faulty inbuilt ICs.

Though the  electricity  wastage could not be  ascertained in terms of  units, sources  say  sizeable amount of it is lost through such wastage everyday.

A source said the general administration department of the state government has to issue a common circular to all the government offices making the staffers aware of the  importance of conserving the electricity.

The source opined that the electricity department should take initiative for it as the power that is being wasted belongs to it.

“I  agree that  there may be  instances of wastage of power in government offices.  I will  issue a circular to all the  government offices functioning at the  District Collectorate building that they should compulsorily  put  off the  electricity during the non-working hours,”  the District Collector  Anjali Sehrawat said.

Activist L Pereira, who had lashed out at the electricity department during the JERC meeting held in January for not being sensitive towards the wastage of electricity, said that the  electricity department does not wish
to implement  the directions given by the JERC on  restructuring, reviewing manpower, plugging power theft, and also shifting to alternative source of energy like solar energy. On the contrary, the lack of action on the part of the department simply endorses the power

JERC chairperson M K Goel,  while hearing the petition of the electricity  department that was moved  proposing the increase in electricity  tariff by  five per cent to make up for the Rs 79 crore dues, had directed  the chief electrical engineer of the  electricity department to “be serious in controlling the  wastage of electricity, because it is the energy of electricity department.”

What in fact had annoyed the JERC chairperson was  the disclosure of wastage of power  – at the government offices and due to streetlights remaining lit during the day.


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