Sunday , 19 August 2018

Positive thinking in life

Bhasker A Bhandare

In today’s world we all face many kinds of problems in our day-to-day life. However, the type of problems or issues we face, whether big or small, are not as important as our outlook towards them. Adopting a positive attitude towards our issues and problems is the need of the hour.Adopting a positive attitude towards your problems does not mean casting a blind eye towards them. Positive thinking means no matter how big or sensitive our problem we should always use positive and productive ways to solve them. There is a belief that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who are positive and those who are negative. Frankly speaking there are no people who are positive or negative.

Every human being has good, bad, positive and negative qualities. Encouraging our good qualities and simultaneously trying to get rid of bad qualities is dependent on each one of us. If we succeed in ridding ourselves of our bad qualities and adopting a positive attitude in life then we can make our lives better. Today one has to deal with several problems coupled with various external pressures. This is derailing society.

These days we read about youths committing suicide due to failing an examination. There are also cases of individuals succumbing to mental stress and choosing to end their lives. The question that comes to my mind is why do these events occur? What could have gone so wrong if one failed an exam? Why should one commit suicide?  A person can always study harder and try to pass the examination again. I would like to mention once more that no matter how big or sensitive our issue is we should always fight the situation, face it positively. This reminds me of a popular saying-‘If we decide to do something good in life then the universe will help us to get it done.’

One should always remember that to succeed in life hard work, truth and positive thinking are required. If we accept these values and use them in our day-to-day life, we can undoubtedly get what we want. No matter what we learn, we should always try and learn the true meaning of our lives. Our experiences make us stronger and this makes our life complete. In today’s fast-paced life competition is necessary. And whenever we compete, feelings of hostility or jealousy should not be harboured. If one does have any negative thoughts one should try to get rid of them and respect those we meet in life. There is no doubt that every human being possesses jealousy, greed and other good and bad qualities. If we express and use these qualities by staying within our limits then this can help us succeed in life.

Life means success, failure, respect, disrespect and hard work. We will always have to face situations that may be difficult no matter where we go. Inability to handle a situation does not mean that one should take the extreme step.

The rise of negativity and decreasing levels of patience is a serious issue of concern. To solve this issue we should engage ourselves in creating and developing a better society. If we come together and do this sincerely it will help make our future generation positive and better equipped to handle any situation in life.

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