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Ponda police achieve 93.28% crime detection rate




The Ponda police have improved its crime detection rate as it detected 93.28 per cent of the cases in the year 2018 as against 81.99 per cent detection rate it had recorded for the year 2017.

Informing this, police inspector Harish Madkaikar said that in the property cases, the Ponda police have improved its detection rate by almost 33 per cent by achieving a detection rate of 76.92 percent as against 44.11 percent for the year 2017.

According to statistics provided by Ponda police, from January to December 2018, 149 crime cases were reported in the taluka, of which 139 cases have been detected.

The crime registered with Ponda police are of murder (1 case), attempt to murder (3 cases), robbery (1 case), burglary (7 cases) auto theft (9 cases), house theft (2 cases), other thefts (5 cases), rioting (3 cases), kidnapping (3 cases), and fatal accidents (14).

The police have failed to detect the only murder case which was reported in 2018.

The police could detect all attempt to murder cases reported. Out of the 7 burglary cases, police could detect four of them.

In the year 2017, a total of 211 crime cases were reported, out of which 173 were detected.

The cases are of murder (2 cases), attempt to murder (3 cases), burglary (11 cases), auto theft (16 cases), house thefts (3 cases) other thefts (7 cases), fatal accidents (20 cases).

The vast jurisdiction of the police station and shortage of staff seems to affect the crime detection rate to a certain extent. Cases of unnatural deaths and road accidents kept the staff busy, and it also affected the investigation of criminal cases, said the Ponda PI.

Ponda police have a history of registering  highest number of road accidents and unnatural death cases in the state. On an average, nearly 420 road accidents and around 150 unnatural death cases are registered by Ponda police.

With a population of 1.5 lakh, spread across 315 sq km area, the taluka has only one police station at Ponda, and seven police outposts at Bethora, Usgao, Kundaim, Mardol, Shiroda, Marcela and Farmagudi.

Ponda police, presently, has one police inspector, a deputy superintendent of police, four sub-inspectors, three assistant sub- inspectors and 14 hawaldars, which are less than the sanctioned strength.

The state government had proposed two new police stations at Mardol and Shiroda area of  the taluka to reduce the burden on the Ponda police station, but it has failed to turn into reality.

“If the police are to shorten their response time to reach the site and investigate the offence, then proposed new police stations at Shiroda and Mardol should become a reality, as it would lead to sharing of the work load,” said a senior police official on a condition of anonymity.

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