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Politicos Should Unite Against Pak Terrorists

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

The Amritsar terror attack may not have baffled the police and the government because an intelligence  report had reportedly warned the security agencies to be on their toes.   Some Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were suspected to have made inroads into the Ferozepur area of Punjab.   The report had said Zakir Musa was on the run in the State.  Musa, a Kashmiri based terrorist with a strong JeM link, was sighted in Punjab.  Was he in touch with some disgruntled elements of the Khalistani movement?  One isn’t too sure but the way Chief Minister Amarinder Singh spoke about the terror angle, the likelihood of Musa having played  the villain’s  role in the attack seems most likely. Though the infamous Khalistani terror in Punjab is now history, there have been sporadic killings of some heads of sects. Lamenting on various “angles” after the loss of lives and injuries to citizens does not mean much. When the government has been sounded by  an unambiguous, clear-cut report of Intelligence Department, then the Amritsar attack indicates the authorities’  shoddy follow-up action and failure to instill foolproof preventive measures in and around Amritsar. Mere display of posters and photos of Zakir Musa on walls means nothing.   The Intelligence report also had it that the JeM terrorists were moving towards Delhi.  Are the terrorists planning something big outside Kashmir especially when their effort to terrorise the valley has come a cropper?   Have the disgruntled sleeper cells of Khalistani movement found new comrades-in-arm?   New year day and Republic Day being significant events in India, strategies to counter Musa should be undertaken with no time to lose.  Political parties should stand as one to scuttle the nefarious games  of Pakistan sponsored terror players. It is vital for the people to remain calm and collected. Past examples have revealed whenever people of India have shown the spirit of unity, terror has had no place to hide.


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