Monday , 25 June 2018

Police to help foreign women tourists have safe holiday

PANAJI: In a bid to make Goa a safe place for women tourists, the state police will now warn foreign women tourists if they are found in the company of men, especially locals, of bad character or criminal antecedents.

Reliable sources said that Director General of Police Dr Muktesh Chander has issued directions to police officers in this regard at a meeting held in the city on Saturday.

A senior police officer said the  police will try to go a step further in view of the safety and security of foreigners especially women visiting the state and provide them firsthand information regarding the men  accompanying them if they have any criminal records.

This is being done in view of the incidents including the recent Canacona case in which a local man having criminal record allegedly killed a foreign woman tourist.

A foreign woman tourist visiting the state might be unaware of the criminal history (if any) of a person from Goa or India with whom she may develop friendship.

But the police can find out that person’s antecedents, said the police officer. Directions have been issued to the police to be watchful if a foreign woman is seen moving around with a local or Indian, and to find out discreetly who the person is.

“Conduct a background check: whether he has any criminal record, whether he is into drugs and so on,” said the senior police officer referring to the directions.

The police have already warned a German woman about bad character of a man who was seen accompanying her, said the officer.

The officer also said that even after being alerted about a man’s character if the foreign woman tourist chooses to move around with that person then the police can’t do anything.

Chander held the review meeting with senior police officials over the crackdown on drugs trade in the state.

The sources said the DGP has expressed his happiness over the police action against the drugs trade. However, he has warned police officers that if they don’t perform then they will have to face the music

The meeting discussed an action plan to deal with drug peddlers and users.

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