Wednesday , 22 May 2019
Police bust matka den  in Calangute, arrest 29
Accused (sitting) seen in the custody of crime branch police (standing)

Police bust matka den in Calangute, arrest 29



In a major raid on matka gambling activities, the Crime Branch police arrested 29 persons reportedly operating ‘main mumbai’ matka from residential premises at Orda-wada in Calangute on Friday.

Police claimed that owing to the raid, the ‘main mumbai’ matka has been stopped on Friday night.

All the 29 persons who have been arrested are from out of the state and were accepting bets for that particular matka from all over the country. The bets were accepted via mobile communication, the police said.

Police suspect that Goa-based matka agents are involved in aiding these people to carry out the activity from Goa.

According to police, main suspects Jayesh Shah and Chotulal Lalan have been detained along with 27 others. The main suspects are reportedly working under the notorious ‘main mumbai matka bazar’ operator Prakash Sawla. Sawla is involved in many criminal cases in Mumbai, police said.

Crime Branch SP Karthik Kashyap said, “For the first time in the history the crime branch of Goa police, we have closed ‘main mumbai matka bazar’ market which is in crores.”

Police said that an offence is being registered under the Gambling Act, Information technology and under IPC-criminal conspiracy, cheating.

The raid was conducted by the Crime Branch team headed by police inspector Dattaguru Sawant, Prajyot Fadte and policemen Santosh Govekar, Sanjay Pednekar, Datta Vernekar, Naveen Palyekar and Rukesh Halarnkar.