Friday , 16 November 2018
Poetry not a hobby for Rochelle
Rochelle D’silva and Jose Lourenco releasing the book

Poetry not a hobby for Rochelle



Poetry doesn’t fit well as a hobby to a real poet is what poet Rochelle D’silva stated at the launch of her poetry book ‘When Home Is An Idea’, on November 3 at Dogears Bookshop, Margao.

During the conversation with writer and translator Jose Lourenco, Rochelle said: “Stop looking at poetry as a hobby. If you do so, you don’t put enough work into it. You feel safe with your job and you don’t feel the need to put in any effort. On the contrary, if poetry is the only thing you do, you better be good at it.”

Rochelle born and raised in Mumbai has a strong connection with Goa. Her grandfather was born in Goa, and was part of tiatr for some time. She is well has travelled and has lived in Mumbai, Bahrain, Bangalore, Australia and other places.

Poetry is a gift to Rochelle. She said that she doesn’t have to intentionally practice writing a poem. In fact, she thinks and lives in poetry. She jots down her lines as she gets several thoughts until the day it turns into a poem.

Rochelle said that a poet needs to know his or her reason for writing. The more they discuss this thought in their mind, the more clarity they will gain. “For me, I write because I need to write! Poems are the way I live. If I do not write, I will definitely die,” she grinned.

Jose appreciated some innovative lines in her poems. He said that the lines used at the end of poems hits hard. He found her book interesting for the way the poems have been divided into three parts- ‘But what is home anyway’, ‘Limbo’, and ‘The re-return’.

When Jose asked Rochelle about what home means to her, she explained: “I have people with whom I feel home, I have places that make me feel home, for me home can be feelings as well. Home can be anything where or with who I can truly be myself. I perceive home not just as a destination, but also as a journey.”

Rochelle began her journey as a poet after her friend passed away in a tragedy. Though she didn’t know the friend for long, it was something about his personality that affected her. Unlike her, he was a person full of life. She decided to write a poem on him and later presented this poem for her final assessment in one of the subjects. Hence, she got introduced to the spoken word.

“At the time, I didn’t know what spoken word meant, but it stayed in my mind. I researched about it and felt that maybe this is what I am meant to do. A month later I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I began participating in poetry workshops and gigs,” said Rochelle.

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