Podvedar – Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

Roseferns’ new ‘tiatr’ is about the false claims men make of their power, which is nothing compared to the power of God. He is the Almighty. ‘Podvedar’ recounts the tale of one such foolish person.

John is married to Celina and Sunny is their son. Mack is Celina’s brother. The three males in the family think they are very powerful. John calls himself ‘Podvedar’ because of the wealth he possesses. He feels he can buy everyone with money. Sunny feels he is powerful too, under the guidance of the father.  Mack thrives on the power of his brother-in-law and is into all sorts of illegal things that include murder and drug trafficking. Celina is the only sensible person in the family. She strives to change the three but is mocked at! Fr Ignatius owns some land. Liza is the differently abled girl adopted by him. The ‘podvedar’ wants the land. The priest refuses. Fights begin and Liza pays the price. Sunny who had secretly cared for Liza, after the priest’s advice, decides to retaliate. The rest is to be watched on stage if one wants to know what happens later!

Roseferns depicts the mighty power of God. Man is nothing compared to the power of the Almighty.  But was it necessary to poke fun at other Christian sects? Dolla does a fine act as Celina. Antonette is perfect as Liza. Lovable and full of fun. Tari is aptly cast as the ‘podvedar’, Creto is his misled son. Rosario de Benaulim plays Mack, evill and foolish too! Roseferns plays the role of the dignified priest. Dorothy, Rishton and Creto in a triple role, create some humorous moments.

Macroy (trumpet), Roy (saxophone), Tremson (drums), Arif (keyboard) and Rahul (bass) provide good music. The opening song is rendered by Antonette. There are other nice songs from Rosario, Dorothy, Rishton, Tari, Alison, Roma and others.

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