Spider girls

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are twins but with a difference. They were born Ayara and Jayara Ratun in Basirhat, West Bengal in 1969 or 1970, but changed their names when they entered show business at an early age.

The sisters are joined at the hip and have two hearts and four arms but share three legs, two kidneys, one liver and a single reproductive tract. Their third leg is kept concealed in their clothing.
They can stand but they cannot walk and they get around walking crab-like, on their hands and two shared legs, earning them the show name ‘The Spider Girls.’ Managed by their uncle while on the road, they exhibit themselves by lying on a bed called a charpoy and allowing spectators to view them and converse with them.
They have two ration cards, though they eat from the same plate. They cast two votes, but were denied the right to open a joint bank account. Ganga and Jamuna differ in many ways and fight occasionally. Ganga likes fish while Jamuna prefers meat. In the evenings, Ganga likes to read or listen to music while Jamuna goes straight to sleep. Ganga’s favourite actor is Amitabh; Jamuna dislikes him, preferring Akhshay Kumar. However, the sisters do agree on how they would like to spend their future: they have one husband, Gadadhar, a carnival worker whom they love deeply. When asked which one he loves more, Gadadhar replied, “I love both equally.” In 2000, the twins appeared in the Kannada-Tamil language film H2O.
When asked, “Are you one or two?,” Jamuna Mondal replied, “We are two separate beings. Though lodged in the same body, we have two minds after all.” “It’s very unfair to club us as one,” said Ganga Mondal. The sisters stated publicly that they will never allow themselves to be separated, not only because of the medical risks but because they believe it would be against the will of God.