Thursday , 21 March 2019
Peep Kitchen ups the food game

Peep Kitchen ups the food game

Peep Kitchen is one restaurant that most people in the North Goa are aware of. Being in the industry for twelve long years, one can now enjoy their favourite food with exciting options from their menu at their much bigger, better and new location in Taleigao

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Amey and Gaurish Naik along with their partner Gaurang Sukhtankar plunged into in food and beverage industry twelve years ago with Peep Kitchen in Caranzalem. The place grew fast, because of their offerings and service. I remember when we had parties at home; we would come especially to Caranzalem to take-away their famed dragon chicken. However, their Goan food and the thali too attracted people.

Now, Peep Kitchen has a new location- Taleigao. The spacious restaurant has been well designed keeping up with modern deco, food quotes on the wall, swanky lighting and seating too. It was buzzing on a weekday and I wasn’t surprised. They have a well thought of menu here with various sections like shellfish, Squids, cafreal, xacuti, Indian, Oriental, to make it easy for you to choose. But for foodies like me, it can be a tad bit confusing and complicated.

When it comes to summers in Goa, urrack and feni is what is most preferred and if you want it with a twist, you should try out the feni/urrack based cocktails like the Patrao’s choice which is made up of muddled raw mangoes, jaggery, some spices, and chilli which was the bomb. The spicy urrack mojito was tasty and refreshing. My favourite here was the Patrao’s choice undoubtedly.

We knew we were going to try out some fish preparations and so we ordered chonak rava fry which were served as two large fillets that was fresh and tasty. The kalwa fry was brilliant; the size of the oysters surprised me, as in the fish market you rarely find decently sized oysters. Not many know but their chicken tandoori (yes, you get them at every other fast food joint) is by and large fast moving. Juicy and chunky served with the mint chutney it tasted a lot like chicken unlike what you get at most places.

Ofcourse, there are the favourites here including their dragon chicken and the thali which is served in the afternoon with some dessert too like sweet potato neureos etc, but what caught my interest is also the variety in Goan vegetarian dishes like nirphanas kappa, bhindi hooman and caju xacuti.

There’s also lamb to choose from. The Chinese style lamb with mushrooms, bell peppers, baby corn with a thin black sauce which had the tinge of honey, was well done. Lamb can otherwise be a pain to eat if it’s overcooked and shredded or undercooked and chewy.

Peep Kitchen is one place where you can eat across cuisines under one roof that has earned a name and focuses on quality service – whether it’s your nasi goreng, fish biryani or chicken cafreal. The best part is that Amey and his partners are right there to help you decide and choose what’s best for you.

Their desserts too have a small variety and I must say is great. I skipped the caramel and chocolate mousse and instead opted for the light and creamy blueberry panacotta served in a very cute cup and saucer and the serradurra which wasn’t too sweet nor too heavy.

However, my food sojourn here couldn’t end with just eating, so I made sure I found out the meaning behind Peep kitchen which Amey told me was ‘place for everything and everything at its place’, which is exactly what it boasts of a great dining option with variety and quality as its forte.

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