Sunday , 26 May 2019

Parrikar pushes for proposed educational hub at Davorlim




Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday assured that necessary infrastructure will be created for setting up an educational hub on    the government land at   Davorlim, which has been strongly opposed by the people of the village.

At the gram sabha held recently, Navelim   MLA Luizinho Faleiro and   600 villagers had opposed the setting up of the educational hub proposed on the government land at Davorlim.

The villagers adopted a resolution opposing the project and said the resolution will be forwarded to the government. Taking exception to the resolution passed to oppose the project, Parrikar during his

visit to Margao asked: “Don’t your children go to schools? The objection to educational institutions is a big surprise to me. If locals oppose it for the lack of infrastructure then we would create infrastructure there.”

Parrikar and TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai inspected the area at Borda ITI and also the government land at Gogol so as to see whether the land there can be used for shifting the existing ITI at Borda.

“Nearly 70 per cent of the students studying in   Margao schools hail from neighbouring areas.  The educational institutions which do not have   playgrounds and other facilities would have to be asked not to increase the student strength.  The exemptions given every year will have to be withdrawn. The people of Margao will be at the   receiving end. Why should the people of Margao suffer? We need to live like a community…,’’ the Chief Minister said.

Likening the opposition to the educational hub to the resistance to coal handling in the state, Parrikar said, “Opposing the educational hub is like the resistance to the coal handling. The actual issue here (in Margao) is infrastructure.  Had those opposing the hub come to me stating that   ‘do not go ahead till infrastructure is ready at the site’ then I would have agreed to it,’’ he said.

When asked whether the government will ride roughshod on the opposition and go ahead with the project, Parrikar said that he will take a call on it soon.

Engineers have been instructed to sit with all the concerned authorities and prepare a plan to make use of the available land at Borda, and based on engineers’ report further steps will be taken,” Parrikar maintained.