An Ideal Teatime Snack

By Melinda Pereira Kamat
Samosa: Time: About 30-45 min,
Serves 10-15. Ingredients for the non vegetarian stuffing:

2 baby potatoes, 1 tbsp frozen peas, 3 French beans, 1/2 grated carrot, 1small sized capsicum, 1tbsp small cauliflorets, 2 green chillies, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1/2 large sized onion, 1 tbsp coconut oil or pure ghee, 1/4 th tsp turmeric powder, 1/4th tsp cloves powder, 1/4th tsp pepper powder, 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder, 1/4 th tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp chilli powder, 1/2 tsp cardamom powder and salt to taste, 1/2 small sized lemon, 1 wati chicken mince, 1 tbsp coriander leaves
Method of preparing the stuffing:
Boil potatoes and set apart. Chop onion, green chillies, capsicum, cauliflower, French beans, carrots, coriander leaves and keep aside. Heat oil or ghee, add ginger-garlic paste, finely chopped onion, and fry till it turns brown. Add all the vegetables, green chillies and just 1 tbsp water. Cover and steam cook for 3 minutes. The vegetables should not be fully cooked. Open the lid, sprinkle all the spice powders, lemon juice, salt, chicken mince and finely chopped coriander leaves. The stuffing should be cooked, covered throughout on gentle flame for 5 minutes till it is completely dry. Do not use extra water. Samosas turn crispy only when the stuffing is completely dry. The chicken mince could be replaced with beef mince, mutton mince or prawns or crab meat. Addition of green cabbage leaves very finely sliced improves the taste. The stuffing is prepared and cooled before sealing the samosas.
Ingredients for the dough/ wrap:
For the dough -1 wati maida [refined flour], salt to taste, slightly less than half a wati of water, 1 tbsp ghee, rice flour for dusting, oil for deep frying
Method of preparing the wrap/cover:
Mix maida with hot ghee, salt and knead dough similar to chapattis. The dough has to be kneaded for a long time approximately 15 minutes. Thereafter it has to be pounded with a grinding stone [fatan]. Cover the dough for one hour. Take a supari sized ball of dough and roll a chappati by dusting rice flour on the rolling board. The shape should be oblong with the thinness of a paper. In the meantime heat a tawa and roast this chappati for a minute, then turn it and roast it for another minute on the other side. Set apart. Care should be taken that the chappati does not turn crisp.
The roasted chappatis are divided vertically into two by cutting with a knife. Make a cone or square and stuff with the above stuffing. The edges are sealed with a thick paste made from maida. In a kadai heat oil and deep fry the samosas by splashing oil from all sides throughout on gentle fire to ensure that it turns crisp. The colour should be slightly darker than golden brown. A vegetarian samosa cover/ wrap is prepared in a similar manner but without the addition of ghee. The general stuffing used in a vegetarian samosa is batat bhaji or potato bhaji.
Goans enjoy the versatility of samosa stuffing’s with mushrooms, mixed vegetable and a spicy ginger-cumin seasoned potato bhaji. This speciality is found while walking around the narrow food street of Mapusa. It is a food ideal as a tea time snack when served with Chidillem and coriander-mint chutney.