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Panic over beef shortage ends as cattle supply recommences




Beef eaters in the state need not panic over shortage of the meat as five trucks carrying 30 bulls arrived safely from the neighbouring state of Karnataka to the state-run abattoir Goa Meat Complex on Monday.

The safe transportation of the vehicles carrying the cattle amid agitating cow vigilantes at the Ramnagar check-post in the neighbouring state was possible due to the intervention of the state government, which provided police protection at the check-post.

Speaking to this daily, president of Qureshi’s Meat Trader Association Manna Bepari said that the supply of cattle has resumed from Monday and added that more bulls could be brought in for slaughter. There is no more fear of beef shortage and price surge, he said and attributed the timely supply of cattle to this daily, which, according to him, built up pressure on the authorities.

Meat traders have been stopped by cow protection groups from transporting cattle from the Karnataka state border into Goa over the past few days following the recent notification of the central government banning sale of cattle for  slaughter through animal markets. That has led to a backlash among some communities over the possible shortage of beef, which is a staple food of many. The restrictions on the cattle trade and slaughter have made a deep dent in its popularity in the region, where many people are meat eaters.

Calling the central government’s May 23 notification a move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration to hurt the business run mainly by Muslims, Manna Bepari said the notification is unfavourable for the meat traders. This notification will completely ban slaughtering and also stop us from sacrificing cattle during Eid al-Adha. “We need an amendment in the new rule, as we only buy unproductive cattle, which are unfit for agriculture and duly certified by a veterinary doctor,” he said.

Qureshi said that the new law would only encourage cow vigilantism groups. “The Modi government has promised collective efforts and inclusive growth (sab ka saath sab ka vikas), but with this notification, the government is trying to kill our traditional business,” he said.


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