Wednesday , 19 February 2020
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  • Celebrating solo

    More people are choosing to stay single or partner on their own terms. And startups in areas from food and realty to living and dating are responding by redesigning offerings to accommodate those coming in, in ones Madhusree Ghosh We’re having conversations with bots; treating our plants like they’re children …

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  • Travel tails

  • An insider’s tale

  • Behind the meat processing factories scam

  • Taking a different route

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  • Hippies, Backpackers, Bollywood

    NT KURIOCITY speaks to Class 12 student Gayatridevi Tarcar, who has conducted extensive research on Goa’s tourism industry in the research paper titled ‘Rise of Tourism in Goa and the Factors Which Contributed to it’ NT KURIOCITY  Q. Why did Goa emerge as a beacon for international travellers in the …

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  • In tribute to Vishnu Wagh

  • A garden with wings

  • Understanding Autism

  • Helping children steer clear of alcohol

  • The Goan life

    Meet Maria, John, Mrs Lobo, and many other interesting characters at Shripad Gurav’s first solo exhibition of portraits and tongue-in-cheek depictions of Goan life, ‘Show Goa’, which will have its preview at The Project Cafe on February 21 Danuska Da Gama | NT BUZZ Somehow, art that describes Goa and …

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  • Carnival theme song released

  • Silver ties that bind

  • Making waves in the art world

  • On the road to safety