Wednesday , 27 March 2019

Overcoming the plateau

Deepika Rathod

Many may think they are doing everything right but are still unable to lose weight; it has plateaued and cannot be reduced anymore. In such a condition take a step back and think of what you may be doing wrong because of which your weight loss process is being hampered.

So here are a few check points to keep in mind in order to have a smooth weight loss journey: A major cause of weight gain is skipping meals. We think skipping any particular meal means consuming less calories but it’s the other way round. When one skips a meal the body starts producing more digestive acids which further sink the metabolism and sap one’s strength.

Inordinate gaps between the meals (more than five hours): Long gaps between meals leads to increased acidity and weight gain. An acidic body burns fat slowly and so weight loss is also slow.

Too frequent meals (with less than two hours): This causes indigestion and weight gain.

Constipation is nothing but a body brimming with toxins and in such cases weight loss is impossible.

Avoid aerated drinks as it leads to weight gain.

Eating out and consuming refined carbohydrates daily (sugar, maida, baked and processed goods, fried food, junk food, the list is endless) results in weight gain.

Hormonal imbalances: One must check for hormonal imbalances to improve weight loss.

Run away from diet food as they might be low in fat but high in sugars that enhance taste.

Keep a check on your water intake. Try to get three litres of water per day, sit and sip slowly for proper absorption and removal of toxins.

Check alcohol intake and reduce or quit smoking as well. The liver plays a vital role in fat metabolism. If you load it with toxins from alcohol and smoking it will focus the side effects of alcohol and not burning fat.

Stress is a big hurdle in one’s weight loss journey. You might be thinking ‘Ohh I’m not at all stressed’, wait and think again. To reduce stress, vitamin O is always handy. Oxygen suppresses cortisol and helps burn fat better. Just deep breath and enjoy.

Exercise is also a kind of stress to the body. When you do rigorous exercise for hours, it acts as major stress and increases cortisol levels which inhibit weight loss.

Try and get seven to eight hours of sound sleep daily as it helps the body’s cleansing and recovery process.

Check if you are deficient in any vitamins, especially B12 and D3 as these are required by the body for its varied functions. A deficiency can lead to weight gain.

So here you go, detect the culprit and overcome the plateau you’ve hit. All the best!


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