Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Overcoming Hurdles In Completion Of Projects


A visible sign of insensitiveness towards public woes characterises governance in Goa today. In trying to keep pace with the rapid speed of development works being carried out, the government lies exposed to the absurdities that exemplifies its unpreparedness for the major undertakings simultaneously underway in the state. It is more than apparent that in the haste to have the state of Goa touching the nadirs of growth and expansion during its tenure in office, the present ruling ensemble has been quite oblivious to the limitations in the existing infrastructure that do not permit the execution of projects of this magnitude, and concurrently at that. However, having decided to go ahead with the ventures, the government has not familiarised itself with the feasibility factor of the projects and the difficulties that could be encountered during various stages of the works. Alternatives should have been sought well in advance to overcome the hurdles, if any, to ensure the smooth and prompt completion of the projects. The suspense that greets the possibility of a tedious traffic detour plan at the Cortalim stretch of the Zuari bridge construction site would not be giving nightmares to commuters between Margao and Panaji if only the authorities had contingency plans in place to combat such eventualities. Travelling in Goa in the good old days was not a wearisome affair with commuters preferring alternative modes of transport to reach their destinations in a shorter time. With a number of crisscrossing rivers and creeks, the state’s inland waterways provided cheap and easy modes of transport. But sadly these services on most of the routes have now become redundant and the few existing ones cater more to the tourism aspect of the travel. By re-introducing ferry services on all the important navigational courses, the government could ‘decongest’ the routes affected by major development works off the heavy vehicular movement. Not only would it help reduce the travelling blights for commuters, but it could also help in the unhindered progress of the works underway.


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