Monday , 22 April 2019

Orlim locals for reinstallation of speed breakers removed during BRICS summit

ORLIM: The Orlim gram sabha held on Sunday demanded installation of speed breakers along the entire route which was removed for the BRICS summit held in 2016. Villagers also objected to the mushrooming of illegal businesses run by migrants in the village and demanded action from the panchayat.

Villagers attending the gram sabha raised caution saying the number of accidents along the main road as well as internal roads was increasing since the removal of speed breakers for the BRICS meeting that was held in South Goa.

Sarpanch Tamica D’Silva informed the gathering that proposals for reinstalling the speed breakers were sent to the authorities but it requires follow up.

“The panchayat was informed that after the BRICS summit was over, the speed breakers would be installed, but despite writing to the department and informing the local MLA, nothing has happened. We will be writing to the authorities again and will ensure that a follow up is done,” she said.

Residents also raised an alarm pointing to some corners in the village which saw the mushrooming of small huts which were being used for illegal activities. “There are some migrants who have setup their huts and are running matka operations and even prostitution. Last week the police conducted a raid and it was found that there was a prostitution racket taking place in one of the huts. The panchayat should not allow such activities to take place,” said a member of the gram sabha.

D’Silva pointing out to the matka operation said the local police had been informed but added that there was no action taken against them.

The gram sabha also saw serious objection to the installation of mobile towers in residential areas. The sarpanch placed before the gram sabha a letter from Indus Towers, a company which intends to setup a mobile tower in the village.

The sarpanch informed the members that the company has other mobile towers in the village and are yet to pay arrears to the panchayat for the last 12 years. Though the panchayat had sent a demand note to the company, the payment is yet to be made. A decision was therefore taken to keep the granting of permission on hold till all payments are made by the company.

Locals also objected to a new village panchayat ghar being built in Palkuta, Orlim as the area was not centrally located and the land is disputed.

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