Saving Mother Nature

The poem ‘Earth Hour’ by Sashi Prabhu (NT Buzz, Apr 11) was enjoyable and thought-provoking. Besides expressing great concern over the disastrous consequences of the increase in carbon emissions on our planet earth, the writer also reprimands Goans for being indifferent and unconcerned about observing ‘earth hour’ as in other parts of the world, to save mother nature.

In this connection, it is pertinent to mention that the situation in Goa is very much different from that in other cities and countries of the world. ‘Earth Hour’ in Goa is a phenomenon that is experienced almost every day for 365 days in a year due to the power failures. Even our street lighting is poor and far below the international standards. So, turning off the lights for an hour on ‘earth hour’ day hardly makes sense. The need of the hour is to conserve our forests and reduce fuel consumption.

A F NAZARETH, Alto Porvorim

Petrol Sold in Bottles

Petrol is being dispensed openly in bottles and cans at various petrol pumps in the state despite a government directive against it, and a Karnataka resident was recently arrested by the Collem police for smuggling 65 litres of petrol. According to a report in a newspaper, the Director of Civil Supplies said that he has not received any complaint of petrol being sold in bottles or cans. The director is being replaced by Ms Shabari Manjrekar who hopefully will ensure that her inspectors are proactive. In fact, a good administration ensures that there is no need for the people to complain.


On Disruption of Easter Service

It was shocking to read about the happenings at Siolim wherein the Catholics had a tussle with members of another denomination of Christian faith during the Easter vigil on April 7-8. Easter is an occasion central to Christianity and spreads the message of goodwill among people of all faith. It is the culmination of forty days of lent when Christians repent for their sins and spread love and forgiveness among people. In Goa, there has been peace and harmony among people belonging to various faiths. It is a pity that a fight had to flare up between people belonging to the Christian faith and it warranted the need of the police force to restore peace. Brotherly love, peace and harmony are central to the Christian faith. Everyone has a right to propagate his/her faith. Christians need to be an example of tolerance and such happenings should not take place in the future.


Use LED Displays in KTC Buses

The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) bus, purchased under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme, with the registration number GA03-X-0153 and plying between Ponda and Vasco does not use the LED display provided in the bus. This was brought to the notice of the KTC authorities on the very first day when this JNNRUM bus was introduced connecting the above-mentioned destinations but it seems the complaint has fallen on deaf ears. It is a known fact that the metal destination boards used in the KTC buses cannot be read from a distance due to their small font size. Hence, using this LED display will be of lot of help to the people when the bus is approaching the bus stop. I hope the KTC authorities take this suggestion and use the LED displays in all the 20 JNNURM buses purchased by the Corporation.