Sunday , 24 March 2019

On the road towards success

For Gautam Desai, proprietor of Daulatara Enterprises, business is all about learning from the good and adverse, finds out Abdulla Khan

After business success in construction and pharmacy, the Desai family ventured into ceramics and sanitary fittings. Their new outlet, Daulatara Enterprises, near the Valpoi-Panaji highway, Harvalem is already making its presence felt among residents. In Valpoi business circles, the Desai family is known for not being blinded just by passion alone, but as businessmen who keep an eye on the reality of the business.

Gautam Desai, proprietor of Daulatara Enterprises, says that he is always in the self-learning mode. “I think global as well as local. I am ready to learn as well as unlearn,” he says.

A hard working and energetic businessman, Desai graduated in commerce and soon started looking for inspiration from all that was happening around him. Soon after completing his graduation in 2006, he went to Mumbai and worked as ground staff in Jet Airways for nearly two years. “After Jet Airways I joined an international cruise liner and worked for seven years. But somewhere I was not satisfied and wanted to do something of own where my past experience could be utilized,” he said.

He further said that international exposure helped him to set up the business and it took him nearly three years to meet all the stakeholders and do research before setting up the outlet. “In both my jobs I developed communication skills. It taught me to gauge a person and create positive approach towards my customers,” he discloses.

Though, Gautam deals individually all the business affairs, he mentions his father Balsingh Desai and his mother Babita Desai for their equal efforts in setting up this outlet. “The store outlet is in the name of my mom while my father goodwill in the society helps me to develop the contacts with clients from Sankalim, Valpoi, Honda, Velguem, Keri, Bicholim and Mapuca.”

Recalling his past experience in Mumbai where he worked in his cousin’s provisional store, Desai says, “I was inspired by the dedication of my aunt, uncle and cousin who run the store. I really learnt basics of business here working with them”.

According to him, for achieving success an individual needs to counter challenges of various types. This includes, getting together the vast investment, hard work and consistency in delivering the product to customers, he says.

He further said that after becoming a businessman, he became adept at dealing with customers. “I developed patience to convince clients to buy branded products. In this business if you learn to understand the taste of customers and had ability to convince them, you can make them switch their mind to branded and quality product which is stocked in the store,” says Desai.

His outlet is well designed and stylish with products displayed artistically. It deals in Kajaria (vitrified, ceramics and sanitary fittings), Kerovit sanitary fittings and Finolex plumbing materials. It also sells electrical fittings which makes it a complete solutions provider for walls, floors, bathroom and kitchens.

After his humble beginning, Desai says that, he is committed to continued technological innovation and to sell only timeless and sustainable products.

“We have all types of products which are being useful for flooring, kitchen, plumbing pipes, steel sinks, and taps with electrical as per the wishes of the customers” says Desai, adding that, thanks to sustained effort, the store is doing well. “The results are evident when anyone looks at our volume, variety and the quality of the products we sell,” he says.

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