Sunday , 24 March 2019

On the edge of the seat

Marathi plays have always commanded a special place in the hearts of Goans, and shows of such productions from the professional stage held around the state have rarely run in empty theatres. Although Marathi stage musicals, with Natyasangeet being its integral part have always enthralled Goan audiences, other genres of plays have too been favourite among the Goans. Thrillers, in fact have been hot favourites and plays in this genre such as ‘Kale Bet Lal Batti’, ‘Dhummas’ and ‘Kalam 302’ are still remembered.

Suresh Jairam, a playwright well-known for writing thrillers, with successful plays such as ‘Shadayantra’, ‘Double Game’ and ‘Hands Up’ to his credit, has now come up with another taut play called ‘Kahani Mein Twist’, which would be performed on April 25, April 26 and April 27, in Margao, Panaji and Vasco, respectively. The play marks the revival of the drama company, ‘Kalarang’ founded by the noted actor, producer, director, late Kamlakar Sarang. His son, Rakesh has re-launched this production house with ‘Kahani Mein Twist’ directed by the National School of Drama alumnus Kumar Sohoni known for directing highly acclaimed suspense thrillers such as ‘Kunitari Aahe Tithe’.

Described as a murder mystery with a comic angle, ‘Kahani Mein Twist’, a two-act play with the running time of 135 minutes, has only three artists namely Girish Oak, Saurabh Gokhale and Prajakta Ganpule capturing the attention of the audiences.

Speaking about this ‘thrill-a-minute’ production, Oak, famous for his varied roles in stage, television and film productions, said that the drama has been designed to constantly keep the audiences on the edge of their seats, with all departments including sets and costumes providing adequate support to the performers. “In fact, the background music provided by Rahul Ranade has record number of 154 musical pieces creating the right kind of environment”, he added.

Oak also said that he has to present himself as a woman during some of the scenes in the play, which is essential for taking the story forward. “It is a difficult yet challenging part in the play, which puts me under severe tension”, he admitted, maintaining that during some of the shows, the audiences have greeted him with whistles during his entry as a woman.

Speaking further, Oak said that ‘Kahani Mein Twist’ is his 47th play on the commercial stage, and he has completed more than 8,000 shows in the professional theatre. “Today, I am in a position to dictate terms to the producers of television serials as well as movies, and therefore, can afford to dedicate myself exclusively to stage on weekends, while shoot for television and film productions on weekdays”, he noted.

Saurabh Gokhale, who has acted in Marathi television serials such as ‘Radha Hee Baawari’ said that he enacts role of a budding writer in ‘Kahani Mein Twist’, who comes to meet the character played by Oak, and the events, which follow take a strange turn.

Anand Kulkarni, the organiser of the play, said that the production was premiered in Mumbai at the beginning of the year, and have performed more than 50 shows in Pune and Mumbai. “I have arranged the Goa tour of this play as Goans appreciate good stage productions”, he observed.

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