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Of Kashmir, and experiments with music

Of Kashmir, and experiments with music

Musician and composer Varun Ahuja who recently collaborated with singer Lucky Ali for the tune ‘Alvida’, was in Goa recently. In conversation with NT BUZZ, he talks about the new single and the need to experiment in music


  1. Tell us about your latest single ‘Alvida’.

‘Alvida’ is a song of hope, composed by me and sung by Lucky Ali. It is a dedication to Kashmir and its people and encourages people to focus on the emotions of hope, peace, love, unity and justice. It is a good vibe song which talks about hope, moving on, letting go, it talks about how music and words, art and culture can heal. Although dedicated to Kashmir, it sends out a message to the world.


  1. But what made you dedicate this song to Kashmir?

After this song was recorded and done, we decided that we wanted to do something that could send a message to the people of Kashmir. We both sort of connected on having the desire to do something for Kashmir because it has suffered a lot.


  1. You have performed with various musicians in the course of your career so far. Tell us about the experience.

Throughout my life I have been playing with different bands and singers and all of them have taken me forward. For many years I was a part of 90s pop and rock band ‘Aryans’ which is known for songs like ‘Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra’ and ‘Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kya’. After that I collaborated with a lot of other musicians and my whole journey was shaping up to be somebody who wanted to express his own music. I wanted to write and compose my own songs and then I wanted to collaborate with different people on the songs that I create and compose. That is how my journey as an independent composer and music career started to move. Also, everybody I worked with always brought something new to the table and every concert that you do takes you forward in your journey and there is a connect with the people that you are working. All the experiences come together to take the journey forward.

Q.Your song ‘Alvida’ will be featured in Faisal Simon’s latest film ‘Mere Paas Baap Hai’. Do you look at this as an opportunity to grow as a musician?

Oh yes, in fact not just ‘Alvida’ but all the projects. Besides ‘Alvida’ I also did a song with Shibani Kashyap. I am also doing a song with Rabbi Shergill. Everything is an opportunity.


Q.What does experimenting with music mean to you?

Experimenting with music means that you must keep doing something new. When you write a song or compose it there should not be boundaries and limitations, you become limitless. Every experimentation that you do brings about a new kind of sound and your horizon expands. And because your horizon expands you start to do things from your heart.

People who make music in films today are so bound by the expectations of the people and directors that they do not experiment and so the independent music industry has faded away. There was a time when music was its own thing, separate from the film industry. Today the music industry has merged with the film industry becoming something that co-exists.


Q.What message do you have for budding/aspiring musicians?

Firstly it is important to experiment. Find your sound, find yourself. Your music should be an extension and expression of you and nobody else. A lot of people play music but they do not compose.  It is important to write and compose your own songs. It is important that your work shows who you are.



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