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Woman running on the beach at sunset

Ocean Treasures: A wave of gratitude

Aldina Braganza

I love the beach. I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. I always think if heaven was real, it would be a beach. What better place to feel the presence of eternity? Being connected with nature and its beauty is where your soul thrives. The sounds of the crashing waves, the glistening of the sun on the water, the salty breeze that caresses your face,  birds chirping, humans chatting and the warmth of the morning sun .That is my inspiration!

I wake up an hour earlier every day so that I can go to the beach for a run. Sometimes if I am free in the evenings I drive for a sunset. That’s how much I love the beach.

There is reason for this love affair of mine.

I grew up believing that there were two occasions that people visit the beach. One time would be special occasions like holidays, visitors over or on school picnics. The other time was more for solemn reasons like having your heart broken or just about any melancholy event. The beach always consoled me.

On such visits, I became acutely aware that the visitors to the beach were mostly tourist. I wondered, if they travel miles to enjoy our beaches, what’s stopping us from doing the same? That’s how I first got inspired. Frankly, I started less enthusiastically and found every excuse to let life get in the way. Over time however, the routine got under my skin and beach runs became my habit.

You need something larger than life to inspire you. That’s why I wrote this article. You see, the ocean into whose limitlessness I would spend my mornings has a story that needs narration.

This story is as old as life. If you stand silent on the shore and watch beyond its vastness and hold your breath,you will hear it blowing in the breeze.. I did and I cried. For the story that seemed ageless was spiked with bitter tones of pain and moaning. The ocean is not afraid for herself but for all that depends on her. The ocean is afraid for you and me too. For in our foolishness and arrogance we are letting our greed blind us from the simple universial truth that every non-living and living organism that inhabits the  earth knows. Her whisper loud and clear…‘We are all connected.’…For when we kill that which lives and breathes in her waters we are slowly killing ourselves too.

I look around me and I see layers of plastic buried in the sand. A turtle once walked out to me from the waters and looked at me as if asking why can’t you stop hurting us?

I see the frown on the fishermen afraid of what their nets may not catch. Afraid that their livihood is now unpredictable. Once sure about her waters, now they don’t know when the tides will change.

Our oceans have so much to give us. It provides for more than half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. It regulates climate and ensures that we get the rain in the rainy season and the warmth during the summer. Yet we pay very little heed to it.

For me the ocean gifts shells. Everytime I walk or run I find shells. Extraordinarly beautiful shells! Intially I thought it was random shigting. Over time, I wasn’t sure, because nobody else seemed to notice them. Sometimes they are larger than the palm of my hand.

I would bring them to my apartment and they laid there, scattered around. Something in me became restless as if I was given these shells for a reason. In a series of coincidences, I began to paint the shells. The beauty of the ocean within me found expression. It was not only therapeutical but it gave me the opportunity to tell the story that needs to be told and retold. A story about beauty, about pain, about giving, about abundance, about being enough. A story that needs to find a place in your heart and inspire you. If you are born and live on this land then you need to take that walk on the shore and get
inspired.Maybe your story might have a different ending. Mine has given me the amzing opportunity to exhibit the beauty of my ‘Ocean treasures’(that’s what I call my art).

If you are free on the evening of January 26, come by to a very interesting  event called Make in Goa that is  happening at Green Amaze, Margoa.This  bi-annual exhibition is the brain child of Deepak Pathania, Carol, Sandra D’souza and team. It’s a platform to showcase the talents of young local artists and their creations. At one space you will be able to meet various artists and hear their inspiring stories and get inspired yourself. Ocean treasures will also be there as a testimony of nature’s abundance.  Remember we are all connected.

(Writer is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and the HOD of psychology at Carmel College for Women)

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