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O Mhojea Rajea

tiatr REVIEW jp pereira

A tiatr by JosEvon, ‘O Mhojea Rajea’ was the third runner-up at the B group tiatr competition. The drama depicts the evil intentions of a selfish egoistic woman who does not care about her daughter’s well-being.

Newton is married to Judy. They have a daughter named Frederica. As the couple work, an aunt named Paulin helps with the cooking. Also living in the house is the father-in-law. Judy has an ego that is hard to tackle. She is selfish, finds faults with everyone and feels she has brought a large dowry. Although the family members do not like her they put up with her. She convinces her husband to leave his home and move in with her father. When their little daughter is sick nobody cares to consult a good doctor. Judy also finds a ‘friend’ in Rex, a crook with motives. As tragedy in the family continues there is commotion on the day the statue of Mother Mary is brought to the house and then the final retribution.

The drama recounts a tale of family values and misunderstandings within the family. There is some humour created by the local gossip monger, the aunt and a couple who have a love-hate relationship.  The lighting effects and use of the set are appealing. Candida plays Judy, soft spoken but evil. Evon as Paulin speaks sensibly and creates comic situations. Francisco plays Newton the henpecked husband, and Jose plays the negative role as Rex well while Lucian is the father-in-law. The little girl also acts well.  Stancio is Bernard the gossip who leads the comedy along with Rhea, her husband Anton and Filipe.

Musicians for the tiatr are Shelton, Freddy, Clinton and others. Stancio renders the opening song. There are a variety of songs on various subjects by Jose, Evon, Francisco, Lucian, Hillary and others. The solos are sung by Evon, Jose, Francisco and Hillary; duets by Francisco-Lucian, Jose-Evon; and a quartet by Jose-Francis-Lucian-Stancio. Rhea and Hillary render a fine duet on the plight of widows.

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