NT Ex-NCC Achiever Awards presented


“NCC is an organisation which helps a student to be self reliant, disciplined and punctual,” said Flag Officer, Rear Admiral Philiphose George Pynumooti, NM at The Navhind Times Ex-NCC Achievers Awards.

The awards were to honour ex-NCC achievers for excelling in various fields, to motivate them and inculcate in them a sense of self-discipline, responsibility and patriotism.

The chief guest for the ceremony, Rear Admiral Philiphose George Pynumooti, felicitated the ex-NCC achievers shortlisted by the Association.

The recipients of the awards included eleven Ex-NCC achievers in different fields. Those selected for this year’s awards were Karuna Satardekar (social work and education), Prachi Sawant Naik (legal field-government advocate), Gulab Borkar (teaching), Mahesh Chandrakant Naik (literature), Pramod Yadav (medicine), Wilson D’Souza (police services), Nheran Acharya (sports- musical yoga), Vidhyadhar Bhagat (associate NCC Officer), Francisco Fernandes (politics), Deelip Azgaokar (banker), and Shrikant Krishna Virginkar (assistant director of income tax)

Speaking at the function, Pynumooti emphasised on youth power and said that young people are the future of tomorrow. He advised the cadets to join the Armed Forces and also announced that he would render full support to those willing to join the Armed Forces.

Shrikant Virginkar, Gulab Borkar and Prachi Sawant Naik also expressed their views on the occasion.

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