Nostalgia through traditional games


Games of Goa Festival saw a large crowd gather at Ancestral Goa, Loutolim on February 23 and February 24. The event was inaugurated by founder of Ancestral Goa Maendra Alvares, in the presence of organisers Dattaprasad Shetkar, Varun Hegde, and Kedar Borkar. Several school children, families and well-known Goans and others enjoyed the 21 games such as logorio/ lobyo/ nokoryo, taablaam/ taabul fale, gud follam/ gajre, tiktem, waagaani, koinde baal (gilli danda), bodyaani (aate paate/ hopscotch), badyaani (sticks), vhiraani (broom sticks), gundyaani/ faatraani/ jhirkyo, mithaa khel/ mith fale, khaambyaani (pillars), biyaani (cashew nuts), kovchyaani (bangle pieces), sune aani haaduk (Dog and bone), vetaani, ringaani, combya zhuz (human cock fight) etc.

The organisers also had a team to assist people in playing these games, that aren’t played anymore today. The event also featured a ‘Taablaam’ game competition which was won by Moses and team from Rachol. Sebastian and team from Verna were the runners up.

Parents were seen explaining and sharing details of games with their children.

Besides the games, memorabilia such as piradyachi bats (cricket bats made from coconut leaf stalk), gofins (catapult), aate (metal rings), tyres, fotaas, jhopale (swings), and experts explaining the art of making simple toys and coconut leaf art, kept the visitors busy.

There were several stalls selling authentic Goan food and snacks. Goan singer and musician Varun Carvalho also performed at the festival.

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