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No proper awareness of HR in Goa: Kharde

Through seminar and workshops, the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) is trying to increase awareness of human resource management among Goans. Here Manoj Kharade, chairman, NIPM- Goa, talks to Serilda Coutinho on range of issues. He says that, most of the association’s programmes are free and local managers need to take advantage of it. 

Q: What is the focus of the NIPM activities in Goa?

We focus on the younger generation through management development programs to enable learning from the human resource (HR) fraternity across the country. There are a lot of changes that take place in industry in terms of mergers. In such situation HR is considered to aid in the simplification of the merger process. Some of the simplification process that boosts the performance of the company is HR analytics and skill development. The focus of NIPM is mainly on skill development and to create awareness about the other simplification tools among the fraternity. We invite speakers from across the country from organizations such as XLRI and Big Bazaar among others.


Q: What is the challenge faced in the HR sector in Goa?

In Goa there is no proper awareness of the role of HR in the organisation. Through these programs we want the youngsters in the state to take up HR roles in local companies and encourage managers to become members of our Goa chapter to benefit from the programs organized by our institute free of cost.


Q: How much of importance does local industry place on HR function within the company?

As of now the multinational companies are doing very well as they have a system in place. Small scale industries focus more on the business rather than investing in HR thereby losing out on employee engagement. I feel that government should make it compulsory to have an HR department in every organisation similar to the mandatory rule for companies to contribute two per cent of their profit towards CSR activities.

Small industries lack in digitization due to the absence of HR.  However for the smooth functioning of smaller businesses I feel that the government can help in a big way by simplifying the process in their organizations, especially when it comes to filling tax returns that is done manually and is time consuming. With the introduction of online facilities in filling returns, plan approvals  and statutory compliances the time spend in the government offices will reduce and help the industries to perform better as compared to other states that have already simplified their work process through digitalization.


Q: The state faces a lack of skilled workforce. What is your suggestion to improve the skill imbalance? 

I would suggest introduction of skill development programs initiated through systematic planning by the state government and implemented in organizations. This will help to create job opportunities for locals who are not skilled in a particular area. Goa also lags in terms of skilled local manpower as there are limited learning opportunities available in the state. This problem can be solved by understanding the requirement in the industry and starting industrial training institutes with the support of the government. Adequate diploma courses with the involvement of the industry players will give the local youth better exposure and opportunity to be absorbed into the industry .The transportation facilities for the female employees should also be improved as this will encourage the industrial sector to employ more women work force. Currently the work timings for women is only up to 7pm in industry. The absence of transport facilities restricts employers from employing women for a late work shift. However if the state government simplifies the criteria and transportation is provide by industries then we will be able to see gender equality at work places.


Q: As a senior manager in a large pharmaceutical company, how do you assess the current industrial scenario in the state?

The growth of industries in Goa is also slowing down drastically. This is evident with the drop in the number of new local units coming in the state.  This drop is owing to water shortage, electricity issues and unavailability of skilled labor faced by the aspiring unit owners.

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