Friday , 22 February 2019

No dengue case detected in Priol in last two weeks

PONDA: Heavy rains which lashed the state over the last two weeks has helped put brakes on dengue scare prevalent in Priol for almost two months with cases of suspected dengue fever coming down. As per information, dengue positive cases in Priol are stable at 24 while suspected cases have increased to 66 from last month’s 64.

“No more dengue positive cases are detected in Priol since last two weeks and suspected cases too have come down drastically,” medical officer Dr Gokuldas Sawant told this daily.

“Total number of dengue-positive cases is stable at 24 while suspected cases have increased marginally compared to last month. Only 2 cases of suspected dengue have been found recently,” he said.

Heavy rains lashing the village for past 15 days have helped with the rainwater washing away the mosquito breeding sites, stated the medical official.

Earlier, on an average four to five persons with dengue symptoms were admitted in sub-district hospital, Ponda. But for the last two weeks, the number has reduced drastically, informed another official from the hospital.

Though the situation seems to have come under control, Priol and surrounding villages are on alert for dengue cases and medical officials are busy taking precautionary measures, informed medical officers. Each fever case is being examined properly so that no dengue case goes unchecked, added the


Most dengue cases in Priol are detected in Konem, Pisgal and Galwada areas. While cases were also detected in Chirputem, Apewal, Karmale areas in Priol or surrounding areas of Priol.

It may be recalled that the first case of suspected dengue in Priol was detected in the month of February and another two in March 2018. Later following the pre-monsoon showers, cases increased since April. And in the month of June, dengue outbreak was declared in the village after 10 people were detected dengue positive.

Following this, health officials had pressed staff to take precautionary measures including fogging, spraying besides spreading awareness in the village. Even notices were issued to the villagers who had failed to comply with precautionary measures.

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