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New Year, New Look!


A brand new year has begun. And maybe your must-do list for the year has a brand new look. But, picking a new haircut or colour is not easy. There may be a number of options, but there are also quite a few apprehensions. What style, what length, what colour? And most importantly, will the new look suit you?

Worry not, we are here to help! And while there are a plethora of options, if we had to pick one haircut, one look to watch out for or recommend this year, it would most certainly be the wavy bob.

That’s right, the bob’s going to be big this year, but not the classic, strict, structured bob. The wavy bob is all the rage globally, and it’s pretty much become the most popular look for celebrities at red carpet events such as the Emmys. Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Ann Hathway, Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow, everyone’s sporting one!

So, what’s so great about the wavy bob? It’s adorable, extremely versatile and pretty much suits anyone. It is low maintenance, easy to style and wear (if you know how), and can be worn in all environments. It works for all ages, and is perfect for Goa’s humid wave-enhancing weather.

What’s more, there’s not just one kind of wavy bob, and not just one way to wear the one you get —you can wear them loose, twisted, textured, long, half straight, half wavy, tuck it behind one ear, get an undercut… you get the idea!

So, this year, put aside the box bob and the graduated bob, and glam your look up with the wavy bob. Quite a few of our patrons are already wearing them, so go ahead, get one for yourself —you know you want to!!

Courtesy: Bina Punjani Hair Studio, Miramar. For hair related queries and free consultations, email:, visit or connect with on Facebook at or Twitter on @binapunjani


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