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New sights of IFFI 2016


Preparations for IFFI 2016 began a while back with vice chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG), Rajendra Talak announcing that this time the contract for decorating the venues has been given to a known event management company and a few local artists as well. “The major responsibility for decoration is given to TLG India Private Limited,” said Talak.

3D paintings at IFFI

There are two beautiful 3D paintings that have been created by students of Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai. Uday Dhawal, member of the artistic team informed that he received the call to work on the décor of the venues after his work was noticed at various spots in Mumbai. “I have been doing a lot of 3D paintings, 3D sculptures, realistic rangoli, etc, in Mumbai. The IFFI organisers saw my portfolio and approached me to do 3D arts for IFFI 2016,” he says.

The two acrylic works include a peacock on the footpath opposite ESG and the 3D painting of a video camera near Kala Academy’s canteen. “Both themes were given by the IFFI organisers. I designed them accordingly and finished one sketch within two days,” says Uday.

Uday’s team is named ‘Paris Studio’ after the Marathi word ‘paris’ for a type of stone that turns anything into gold. “We are a team of 12 members. Most of them are ex-students of Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai, while a few are still studying,” says Uday.  Student Omkar Banaule who is part of the 3D painting team says: “I loved the experience of painting 3D art. It was a learning experience for me because it is the first time I have done a 3D painting and been a part of the IFFI decoration team.”

Barco’s laser projection

The 47th edition of the International Film Festival of India shall use Barco’s laser projection technology for the first time to offer superior image quality to the audience. IFFI is the first film festival in India to use this breakthrough technology.

Barco’s laser phosphor digital projector model ‘DP2K-20CLP’ offers a range of benefits including considerable cost saving and enhanced viewing experience, while allowing simple operations for projection. Instead of using the regular lamp-based light source that degrades rapidly, DP2K-20CLP works with blue laser technology. This technology allows the generation of colours through the phosphor wheel.

The ultra clear image quality of the model used in IFFI 2016 delivers high and uniform contrast. This laser phosphor projector offers a resolution of 2048 pixels x 1080 pixels and is compatible with most 3D systems. The unique cooling system of DP2K-20CLP and 30,000 hours lifetime at 50 per cent light output make the projector cost-effective.


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