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New Dawn For Konkani Cinema


THERE is no denying the fact that in the recent years Konkani films are making their presence felt very strongly in the theatres across Goa. The future of Konkani films seems to be getting better with every new release. New directors, new producers with new ideas, new techniques, trained film technicians, and a rich reservoir of talented young artistes so far not seen on the Konkani stage are blooming on the silver screen to give an average fun-loving Goan wholesome entertainment. After a very long time Konkani audience is having a quality choice to choose from. As Goans we should support the Konkani film industry and the efforts of our filmmakers so that more and more of their films attain the best standards to compete at the national level. One recent movie  that I enjoyed thoroughly is ‘O La La’. The  film keeps you entertained from the beginning till the end. It is a laugh a minute riot created by three enterprising and middle-aged friends – Orlando, Laxman and Lawrence. They  are business partners and run a successful event management company called ‘O La La’. Rattled by their success is the semi-literate elderly, short tempered and eccentric ‘Robert’ with a colonial hangover, who also runs an event management company and is pushed out of  business by the successful ‘O La La’. The comedy performed by Prince Jacob, John D’Silva and Rajeev Hede, who are  ably supported by Spirito, gave us  a whale of a time. Rajesh Pednekar also performed a challenging role as Robert sporting an oversized moustache. The combination of ace comedians Prince Jacob and John D’Silva on the silver screen is the best thing to have happened so far, as far as Konkani films are concerned. Having made their smooth transition from the theatre stage to the silver screen a few years back they are now the most sought after pair of comedians. In ‘O La La’ they have done their homework well. Prince Jacob and John D’Silva have reinvented their styles of acting to suit the silver screen. I wish them well to keep the Konkani lovers entertained with some clean and decent comedy in films for a long time. ‘O La La’ is a movie that will create a record on the silver screen as one of the most creative comedy Konkani films to be produced in the recent times.


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