Tuesday , 19 February 2019
New age designer in the fray
Newbie business woman, Anjali Mody, founder, And So, Porvorim, has ambitious plans of taking her designer store forward and foraying into manufacturing, finds out, Shoma Patnaik

New age designer in the fray


Goa’s hi-end retail stores are flourishing. The presence of several well-heeled residents and robust tourism means that designer stores are considered good business by the enterprising.

And So, Porvorim, a Mumbai based, lifestyle retail brand, specializes in home furniture.

It is founded by Anjali Mody and aims to cater to the aspirational residents- basically people who are well-travelled and well informed, who want to be in sync with the latest trend and do not mind shelling out generously for limited edition pieces.

The store stocks several brands in furniture, lighting, accessories, carpets, linen and even plants. The brands names although unrecognizable are likely to be familiar to the target clientele. Speaking to Mody is interesting. She says that, the store came about after lot of research on the Goa market and after understanding local competition.

Acknowledging the presence of other hi-end, home stores, Mody says that what sets her outlet apart is its brand equity that is synonymous with ideas.  The store will be looking at second home owners, professionals and the metropolitan buyers, says Mody.

“It is for people who want to shop at easy in luxurious space. None of the existing home stores are comparable to us because of the space,” she says. Spread over 6,000 sq. ft., the store has the advantage of vastness, points out Mody.

Meanwhile coming to what’s on offer, the products are offered as a package. Thus there are bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc., in different designs. “We are not a cheap brand but what we offer is effective,” adds Mody. All the products are of high quality and has a strong sense of design, she says.

The store launched in March 2018 and Mody says that the response is “great.” In future she plans to expand the chain by starting three more stores in two years. Further the plan is also to get into manufacturing. “We are starting a new unit in Pilerne industrial estate. The unit will manufacture doors, windows, accessories and furniture,” she says.

Mody points out that, furniture is a necessity although a lot depends on what kind of furniture people buy. “It all depends on the layers that you put into your home,” points out Mody, while talking of the  potential demand.

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