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Nerul register narrow win

MARGAO: United Club of Nerul got the better of FC Sanquelim by a narrow 1-0 and romp into quarterfinal of Mc Dowell’s No 1 Yarri Cup inter village football tournament (North Goa) organised by Salgiao United at Duler Ground, Mapusa on Sunday. It was Raju’s self goal in the first half that sealed Sanquelim fate.

FC Sanquelim dominated proceedings in the opening session and enjoyed better ball posession. The all important that came through Raju whose misunderstanding between the goalkeeper resulted the ball entering the nets.

FC Sanquelim squandered the easiest chances when their forwards muffed sitters from handshaking distance. On the other hand, United Club of Nerul were far from impressive and their forwards ran out ideas from close range.

Sanquelim had their best chance but their forwards fummbled in front of the rival goal.

Crossing over, Sanquelim too had their share of chances and looked to double the score however their strikers failed to convert any.

With time running out, United Club of Nerul pressed hard for the equaliser but their forwards blasted wide from close range.

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