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Nerul fishermen peeved over parasailing activity along Coco beach coast


Traditional fishermen from Coco beach area in Nerul are up in arms against illegal parasailing activity along the stretch.
The fishermen, who totally depend on fishing for their livelihood, are furious over the ongoings and say that if this continues their business is going to take a big hit.
They pointed that watersports activities are carried out only along the Sinquerim-Calangute-Baga stretch, but now the operators have extended their activities up to the Coco beach area.
They said that if these things are ignored such activities will increase in their area and they will totally lose their fishing business.
Joaquim Mendes, member of Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott said that the sound generated by the watersports boats disturbs the fish and they tend to move away from that area. If this happens, the traditional fishermen will be affected as there will be no fish to catch along the coast, he said.
There are more than 50 families who depend on fishing activities at Coco beach and have expressed concern over the situation.
Mario Rebeiro, a fisherman, said that “for generations we have been carrying out fishing at Coco beach. However, now the high-speed boats are a threat to our activity.”
Ambrose Mendes, from the same community, alleged that “during an agitation recently by the fishermen community in the city eight of our people were beaten up by the police and till date no action has been taken in that regard.”
Joaquim Mendes said that trawlers are still using LED lights for fishing in deep sea and nothing much has happened to curb the use of such lights by fishing vessels.
He said that if such things are allowed to continue, small-time fishermen will have nowhere to go to carry out fishing through traditional ways.

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