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Nehru-Gandhi family ‘will not return’ to power again, says PM




Making a scathing attack on Nehru-Gandhi family for their rampant corruption and non-performance during their heydays in power for decades, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the ‘first family’ of Congress party will never return to power in India ever.

“Ab yeh parivar Hindustan ke raj singhasan mein baithne waley nahi haen (Now, this family will never going to return to the citadel of power in India),” the Prime Minister said in an interview with a private TV channel.

Answering questions on the Congress leadership charge against him for being pro-rich, Modi said the toilets and houses he made during last five years were never for the likes of business tycoons like Anil Ambani and others.

“Unko maloom hae satta mein aney walen nahi haen kucch bhi bolte raho (They know, they will not come to power, so they are making numerous promises),” Prime Minister said in reference to the new ‘NYAY’ – minimum income scheme – as announced by Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

“I made nine crore toilets….do we have nine crore Mukesh Ambanis and Adanis,” the Prime Minister said adding his government also made 125 crore houses. “So do Congress leaders want to say these rich people were homeless”.

“I wish someone should show some courage (from media) and ask questions to these people (Congress leaders),” Modi said adding “Now, this family is never going to return to the citadel of power in India again, thus please show some courage and ask them the questions”.

“Please do not be scared … and ask the leaders the questions to those who are making baseless allegations,’’ he said.

To another pointed question, the Prime Minister said when he says about the ‘family’ in politics, he refers to only one family and the people of India are not going to ‘‘accept them again’’.

Modi said dynastic rule is dangerous for democracy and the nation also.

About his slogan ‘‘kaamdaar vs naamdaar’, Modi said, ‘‘Vanshwaad loktantrik bhavna ke liye moolatah ghaatak tatva hai (Dynastic rule is basically against the basic essence of democracy),’’ he said.

There is danger to democracy from dynastic rule, he added.

‘‘I do not oppose dynastic rule but this party is run by such a family. If one person is not there, another member takes over,’’ he said in his interview to news channel ‘Republic Bharat’.

The ‘pariwar’ (family) controls party which is run like a ‘‘personal company’’, Modi said.

About the ‘mahagathbandhan’, Modi said the opposition was even more scattered than it was in 2014.

He stressed that NDA will win with more seats than before because people of the country have seen the work done by the majority government in the country. This is a government that works 24 x 7, he said.

Expressing confidence, Modi said this time, the people have made up their minds and the BJP-led NDA government will return to power.

‘‘But, in 2024, there may be a new face,’’ he said. Government runs on full ‘bahumat’ majority but the country runs on ‘sahmati’ consensus, Modi stressed.

Laying emphasis on the importance of federalism in the country, he said, ‘‘A strong opposition is also important for democracy’’.


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