Sunday , 21 April 2019
Negligible impact of  dry spell on paddy crop
Crop in a paddy field at Merces damaged due to the dry spell

Negligible impact of dry spell on paddy crop



Stating that the sudden dry spell in the monsoon season is not conducive for a good paddy yield, director of agriculture Nelson Figueiredo on Friday said that the crop situation in Goa is not bad, as most of the transplantation has already been undertaken by farmers.

Figueiredo, however, said that the farmers who have failed to carry out paddy transplantation on time may face problems due to the dry spell, as it may affect the crop growth.

The agriculture director said that rain has been favourable in Goa this year, as neither did it rain excessively nor is it a complete dry spell. “We have seen that it does rain during night time,” he said.

Figueiredo said that the crop scenario in the state is not bad, especially in areas where the cultivators have constructed bundhs, as they can utilise the water during the dry spells. He, however, said that the cultivators may face issues in the form of weed growth, which, he said, can hamper the growth of paddy.

“If the water gets collected on uneven surface and the dry spell continues for a longer period, cracks are formed in the soil thus hampering the growth of paddy. Last year too, the rain pattern was somewhat similar to this year’s pattern. In fact, this year the situation is better in terms of showers,” he said adding that in some khazan lands where high-yielding varieties of paddy have been sown, there could be some damage to the crop.

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