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Nachom-ia Kumpasar: Now on BBC

The rights of the film Nachom-ia Kumpasar, has been sold to BBC for two years- 2019 and 2021, and will be screened twice over the next two years. NT BUZZ reports

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Konkani film ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ continues to make waves worldwide. The rights of the film have been sold to BBC for two screenings over the next two years on their Channel 4.

“It is indeed a big deal for us, especially because the channel has stringent norms for choosing films to be aired on their channel. It is also the first Goan film to make it there among thousand other films from across the globe,” says the director, Bardroy Barretto speaking to NT BUZZ. He tells us that the production house was in talks for close to two years and the deal finally materialised.

The film produced by Goa Folklore Productions released in 2014 and brought timeless Konkani songs from the 60s and 70s to the big screen. A tribute to Goan music and musicians, it has won numerous awards in the country and at various festivals too.

In 2014, just before the release of the film, Barretto had told NT BUZZ: “We plan to take the community driven route and have regulated shows in various places in the state. Besides, we plan to have a full fledged release after six months.” And true to his word, ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ has probably been the only Goan film to have over 700 screenings in Goa. In fact, at least once or twice a month the film is screened in Panaji at Maquinez Palace, and/ or at Ravindra Bhavan in Margao.

For Barretto, the film reaching out to the audience was one of his main goals, for he wanted to showcase the richness of Goan tradition on celluloid. Back then in 2014 he had said: “Right now we are looking at other platforms, and we are careful about where to put it out,” and Barretto along with his 96 producers have been successful in their endeavour.

Also, while piracy is an issue that has posed a threat to several films, Bardroy is thankful to the audience for staying away from it. “It’s all thanks to the audience who have supported us. In fact there are people who record it, but they don’t share it on social media and just like to keep the recording for themselves. We are happy that we’ve been able to keep this issue which is otherwise difficult to handle at bay,” he says.

While the success of ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ will always be special, he believes it’s also time to move on. And while we all await the official announcement of his new film that is already work in progress, he tells us that the film will be themed on football as a religion in Goa.

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