Sunday , 26 May 2019

Nachinola VP hikes garbage tax for households, commercial establishments

MAPUSA: The Nachinola panchayat unanimously resolved to increase the garbage tax for households and commercial establishments. A warning was also issued to wine stores operating in the panchayat jurisdiction not to do retail business till late night which is affecting the business of bars and restaurants.

On Sunday the ordinary gram sabha meeting of Nachinola panchayat was held at the panchayat hall which was presided by acting sarpanch Freddy Fernandes in the presence of other panchayat members. On the issue of audit report for 2005 -2006, acting sarpanch Freddy Fernandes said, “As decided in the previous gram sabha, the panchayat had written to the Mapusa police in connection with the records of the panchayat which was seized by police however we have not received any reply from them”.

On the issue of survey of rented houses in the panchayat jurisdiction, the acting sarpanch said, “We have completed the survey and found that around 300 rooms have been given on rent illegally. We will soon be taking action against them”.

The villagers raised the issue of garbage being dumped along the roadsides and demanded necessary action to curb the menace.

After holding a detailed discussion, the panchayat members decided to hike the garbage tax for households and commercial establishments in the village. It was decided to implement a garbage tax of Rs 500 per house, Rs 1,000 for small establishments and Rs 5,000 for commercial establishments which have lodging facility.

To control the menace of stray cattle in the village, the panchayat body has decided to utilize the services of Gomantak Govsevak Mahasang from Mayem.

Few residents of ward number 6 brought to the notice of the panchayat body about the acute water shortage and asked the panchayat to look into their issue at the earliest.