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Muzgachem Fest: celebrating beats and rhythm

Muzgachem Fest: celebrating beats and rhythm

With various traditional fests being organised in Goa, there’s another one happening tomorrow. This time, Muzgachem Fest, which means ‘Fest of Music’ wherein music is a metaphor for all arts, culture, heritage, will be held at Carmel College from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. NT KURIOCITY finds more about this fest


The student council of Carmel College for Women, Nuvem is organsing Muzgachem Fest, which means Fest of Music on Saturday, December 9 from 11 a.m. onwards on the campus.

Muzgachem Fest had been playing on the mind of cultural activist, Marius Fernandes for quite a few years now, and the opportunity arose when the principal of Carmel College, Sr Maria Aradhana AC invited him to create a festival for them. He says: “I suggested this music festival which they agreed to. Music runs in the veins of Goans, be it in the church, temples, feast, weddings, etc. We Goans have perhaps one of the oldest instruments in the world known as the Ghumott. Our musicians have played for big bands all around India and abroad. Muzgachem Fest will be a celebration of Goan music and a tribute to all the musicians.”

The focus of this music festival is also to showcase Goan musical instruments like Ghumotts, Mandalim, Kotteios, etc. It will be a platform for senior musicians to share their skills and experience with the next generation of young Goan musicians.

Tomorrow, the day-long interactive festival will have a lot of activities like an art workshop, various dances like the Kotti dance, Gumlacho Nach, Kunbi dance, etc. Besides, Mollache Fest, Tiatristache Fest being celebrated on the day there will also be in attendance Goan singer Olavo and dancer Clizma Da Silva and a whole lot of activities have been planned throughout the day. Eminent personalities from across Goa such as horticulturist, Miguel Braganza, historian, Sanjeev Sardesai, cartoonist, Alexyz, and others will be present for the celebration of music.

The festival proceedings will be solely be in Konkani to bind people together and thus allow them to share knowledge and ideas. Like most festivals organised or initiated by Marius, for this one too will be organised sans sponsors, chief guest, alcohol, prizes or any competition. The food there will be a sumptuous Goan traditional fare.

To create a festive mood, various workshops were conducted at the college such as workshop on Konkani songs by assistant professor, Department of English, Glenis Mendonca; a dance workshop by Cliszma Da Costa, a gumott workshop by Pandurang Phaldesai. A football workshop and traditional games were conducted by Fabian D’souza; a tiatr workshop by Michael Gracias; Mollam workshop by Intesav Barreto; theatre, voice and movement by Gemma Fernandes and Jesmaine Cope and traditional games by Agnelo Dias and Olav Gama. “About 750 students were divided into groups to attend different workshops. They were trained to organise a programme, create themed decoration, learn dances, and music,” says Marius.

All the young women of the college actively participated in these workshops and are now looking forward to the fest. Glenis says: “Our main aim is to empower women, so we are looking towards empowering women; to organise and preserve cultural heritage, our identity and language of Goa. It is a Goa tradition- centric festival and we are empowering them to take up leadership roles.”

She further explains that the whole idea of this festival is to remove the competition spirit that has slowly crept into colleges. This can be witnessed at various inter-collegiate events which create rivalry, are a breeding ground for an unhealthy atmosphere and brings along negativity. “So we are looking forward to create positivism through an event like this.”

Hopeful that this Muzgachem Fest will be a sustainable one, they appeal to all musicians, music, arts and culture lovers to come and be a part of this festival at Carmel College tomorrow.



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