Wednesday , 21 February 2018
Music that spreads peace

Music that spreads peace


The WOMEX Lifetime Achievement Award winning Senegalese artiste, Cheikh Lo, and the young Finnish all-girl band Tuuletar along with senior bands from Hungary and Poland and many others performed at this year’s edition of Sur Jahan – World Peace Music Festival organised by Banglanatak dot com.

Since its inception in 2011, the festival has had participation from 26 countries and 12 Indian states. There was also a collaborative performance by the Bengal Goa Musical Ensemble where two musicians from Goa, Elvis Lobo and Carlos Gonsalves collaborated with musicians from Bengal covering various genres of music, including Bhawaiya, Baul and Jhumur. Muzsikas from Hungary showcased various traditional Hungarian folk music with classical compositions of Bartok, Kodaly, Kurtag and many others.

The festival provides a platform for rural traditional handicraft and folk performing artists to showcase their art forms and has created opportunities of collaboration, enriching connect and leading to a wider, more vibrant assimilation of their art.


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