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Trio Sphere from Austria that features Marialena Fernandes on piano; Stefan Mancic on accordion; Mojca Pecman (Slovenia) and Martina Stückler (Austria) on saxophone will play compositions by Beethoven, Liszt, Shostakovich, Piazzolla, J Haydn, D Scarlatti, Y Tiersen and others at an improvised musical dialogue at Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts, on Sunday, February 2.

Since 2015, Fernandes has initiated a project called ‘The Quest for Passion’ which takes place annually in India, in which she weaves in talented young musicians from across Europe and India in dialogue and interaction with each other.

Talking to NT BUZZ a member of the group tells us that playing in a chamber music group is a vital experience in one’s musical education and career. “It is no mystery that our trio, consisting of an accordion and two saxophones, is quite out of the ordinary. Therefore, finding a pre-existing repertoire is near impossible,” Fernandes says, adding that it didn’t deter the members at all from going ahead.

In fact it allowed them to open up new dimensions and possibilities of playing already well-known pieces in their own and unique way. “Each composition has a trial-and-error phase. We experiment, we try out different ideas, and spend hours upon hours metamorphosing it until we are satisfied with how our sounds, emotions and characters intertwine with that given piece,” says Mancic.

The instruments they use are pretty ‘modern’. “The accordion was invented in 1822 while the saxophone in 1846.  In one way, you could say that we got ‘robbed’ out of having a repertoire consisting of LV Beethoven’s or Bach’s compositions. But limiting ourselves on just one kind of repertoire would be, in a sense, contra-productive,” Stückler explains.

Thus they chose a broader programme of diverse styles, ranging from baroque, classic, romantic right up to contemporary which not only presents the group ‘Trio Sphere’ with the chance to improve their arranging and improvisational skills, but also to finally break the stereotype with the saxophone being perceived as mainly a jazz instrument or an accordion as a tango instrument.

“We hope, that the hard work, combined with our enthusiasm for music, translates into our performance. We are looking forward to share it with the audience in Goa,” concludes Fernandes.

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