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Multi-cornered contests in Karapur-Sarvan panchayat


Karapur-Sarvan village panchayat from Mayem constituency in Bicholim taluka is a 11- member panchayat. The post of sarpanch was reserved for women during the last tenure. Divya Karkhande and Aryan Gaonkar have been the sarpanch on rotational basis due to hectic political developments between the ruling and opposition groups.

As many as 53 candidates are in the fray for 11 wards. Out of eleven ex-panch members only four are contesting the panchayat elections again. They include Aryan Gaonkar, ex- sarpanch (ward -7) Mukund Waigankar (ward -6) Mahesh Sawant, (ward-2) and Rajesh Naik (ward-4).

Ex -sarpanch Divya Karkhande, deputy sarpanch Satcheet Sawant, panch members Dhiraj Sawant and Sahmin Madar are not contesting the elections.

In ward number- 8 (reserved for women), ward -9 and 10 there will be triangular fight while in all other wards-1, 2, 3 (women ), 4, 5, 6,7 and 11 there will be multi-cornered fights. Four candidates are contesting against ex-panch Mahesh Sawant in ward number 5.

Ex- sarpanch Aryan Gaonkar who is contesting from ward -7 (general) has six contestants from the opposition. Rajesh Naik an ex-panch member who had represented ward no-1 in the past, had to shift to ward no-4 as ward number 1 is now reserved for women.

Ex-panch Mukund Waigankar is contesting from ward -6 while ward number 10 is reserved for OBC and will witness a triangular fight between Gopi Satelkar, Yogesh Pednekar and Shradha Sawant.

Ex- sarpanch and ZP Phondu Sawant who was not active in panchayat politics for the last 5 years will be contesting from ward -11.

The 11- member Karapur- Sarvan village panchayat has 6485 voters which include 3237 male and 3248 female voters who will decide the political future of 53 candidates.

The candidates are approaching voters with main issues such as poor healthcare facilities, water scarcity, power outages and lack of development works in the village.

Farmers of Karapur live in constant fear of crop damages caused by wild animals leading to huge losses.  The problem was brought to the notice of the government and forest department several times but nothing concrete has been done to tackle the issue.

Other issues concerning the village are crematorium and sports ground for the youth.   Some villagers came down heavily on the panchayat for its failure to initiate any developmental works in the past five years.

Political parties are not directly involved in the Karapur-Sarvan panchayat elections. However, candidates who are either BJP or Congress workers are contesting on their own party symbol. Only after the declaration of results will political parties make efforts to grab power by forming their ruling

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