Tuesday , 26 March 2019

MPT public hearing: Vascoites averse to meeting at Chicalim ground




Concerned citizens of Vasco have raised their strong objection against the MPT environmental public hearing which is scheduled to be held at Chicalim ground instead of Tilak Maidan which is more convenient and accessible for public to attend.

Residents strongly opposed the notice from GSPCB member secretary Dr Shamila Monteiro which was issued in a local daily that the environmental public hearing is fixed at Chicalim ground on airport road, Dabolim at 10.30 am on October 5.

According to concerned citizens of Vasco and environmental lovers, Chicalim ground at airport road is not a suitable venue to hold the environmental public hearing since it is very far from the proposed area earmarked for MPT projects such as development of fishing jetty, passenger jetty, multi-purpose general cargo berths and POL terminal which will be coming up at the Khariwada coast.

People from Khariwada who will be severely affected from the proposed projects will not be able to attend the MPT environment public meeting. The residents of the town said, “Taking immediate cognizance of the objection raised by concerned citizens and environmentalists, the GSPCB member secretary Dr Monteiro should make arrangements in organising the meeting at Tilak Maidan which is more accessible for people in Vasco and those residing in the coastal belt of Khariwada”.

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